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List of Works



Excursions (2008)

Instrumentation: Solo Piano

Duration: Approx. 7'30"

Premiere: Boise State University 2010

Recording: "Felt: Striking Works for Piano", PARMA Records 2015

Sonata for Trombone and Piano (2009)

Instrumentation: Trombone/Piano

Duration: Approx. 17'

Premiere: University of Nebraska-Kearney, New Music Festival 2009

Publication: Cherry Classics, 2011 -

Creations (2010)

Instrumentation: Trombone Choir (6 Tenor, 2 Bass)

Duration: Approx. 9'

Premiere: 2011 All-Northwest Music Educators Conference, Seattle, WA

Other Performances: Boise State University, 2011. SCI Region VI Conference, West Texas A&M University, 2012.

Publication: Waterton Brass Music, 2019 -

Thoughts (2010, Revised 2019)

Instrumentation: Clarinet/Piano

Duration: Approx. 12'30"

Premiere: (Original Version) - Boise State University, 2011

Quintet No. 1 (2010)

Instrumentation: Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon

Duration: Approx. 11'

Premiere: Boise State University, 2011

Other Performances: SCI Region IV Conference - Eastern Kentucky University, 2013.

Publication: Trevco-Varner Music, 2014 -

Fanfare and Memorial (2011, Revised 2019)

Instrumentation: Trumpet (2)/Horn/Trombone/Tuba

Duration: Approx. 10'

Premiere: (Original Version) - Univesity of Utah, 2012

Quintet No. 2 (2012)

Instrumentation: Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon

Duration: Approx. 10'30"

Premiere: University of Utah, 2012

Other Performances: Midwest Graduate Music Consortium – University of Wisconsin-Madison – Black Marigold Quintet, 2014

Throb (2012)

Instrumentation: Bass Clarinet/Electronics

Duration: 4'28"

Premiere: University of Utah - Crosstalk Concert 2012

The Land of Standing Rocks (2013)

Instrumentation: Flute/Clarinet/ Violin/Cello/ Piano

Duration: Approx 16'

Premiere: Critical Rediscovery of the Northern Rockies Conference – Montana State University, 2013

Awards: 2021 American Prize Finalist - Composers Instrumental Chamber Music Division

Other Performances:

2014: TEMPO X –  California State University-Northridge – The Epicenter Music Performance Organization

2012-2015: Score for Inland/Outland Utah film project in collaboration with Svavar Jonatansson of Iceland.

2014: Utah Contemporary Museum of Art, Salt Lake City

2015: On display with film at Kimball Arts Center, Park City, Utah

2015: North/South Consonance – Rumbles of Spring concert, New York City, New York

2015: Salty Cricket Composer’s Collective – Cirque du Pierrot, Salt Lake City Utah (1st movement only)

2016: Open Space Festival of New Music – University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

2018: Grand Circle New Music – Dixie State University, St. George, Utah

White Antelope (2013)

Instrumentation: Trumpet/Electronics

Duration: Approx 5'

Premiere: University of Utah - Crosstalk Concert, 2013

Exhibits (2013)

Instrumentation: Bassoon/Piano

Duration: Approx. 17'30"

Premiere: Natural History Museum of Utah (Commissioned by the museum) - 2014

Publication: Trevco-Varner Music, 2014 -

Sonata in F Major (In the Classical Style) (2015)

Instrumentation: Piano

Duration: Approx. 4'30"

Postcards from the Inland Sea (2015)

Instrumentation: Oboe/Piano

Duration: Approx. 14'

Premiere: University of Utah, 2015 (Partial)  

Friends of the Great Salt Lake, Alfred Lambourne Competition finalist, full premiere at awards gala - Salt Lake Community College, 2015

Other Performances: Brigham Young University, 2017

Publication: Trevco-Varner Music, 2015 -

Panoramas (2016)

Instrumentation: Horn/Tuba/Piano

Duration: Approx. 9'

Premiere: University of Nevada - Reno, 2016. (Commission by brass faculty of UNR)

Desert Music (2018)

Instrumentation: Violin/Violin/Viola/Cello

Duration: Approx. 18'

Premiere: University of Utah, 2018 (Last movement only)

Sonata for Flute and Piano (2020)

Instrumentation: Flute/Piano

Duration: Approx. 13'

Premiere: Stephen F Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX - January 20, 2022

Awards: 2022 American Prize National Finalist 

Quarantined Improvisations (2020)

Instrumentation: Solo Piano

Duration: Approx. 12'

River of No Return (2020)

Instrumentation: Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon/Piano

Duration: Approx 13'

Premiere: Trio de Bois - Ladies Reeding Society - BYU-Idaho, June 7, 2022


Copper Basin Concerto (2021)

Instrumentation: Strings/Percussion/Woodwind Quintet

In progress

Telegrams from the Inland Sea (2021)

Instrumentation: Fixed Electronics

Suite for Strings (2022)

Instrumentation: String Orchestra

Duration: Approx. 17'

Terram Inter Lunas (2022)

Instrumentation: Trumpet (2)/Horn/Trombone/Tuba

Duration: 15'

Premiere: Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho - 2022

I am currently looking for musicians to premiere several compositions. Please contact me if you're interested!


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