My Thoughts on Teaching

I have been playing the piano for 22 years now and have been teaching for 10 of those years. I also have been writing music for many years and have several published works. I am comfortable teaching students of all ages from kids to adults, beginner to advanced. 


I realize that not everyone who takes piano or composition lessons wants to be a concert pianist or composer. Most just take lessons for personal enjoyment. I cater my teaching style to whatever the student wants to get out of lessons.


I also understand that piano lessons can be boring if you never get to play music you want to. I try to let my students pick at least some of the music the study in lessons so that they can discover for themselves what they enjoy. It also encourages the students to practice and work hard when they play music of their choosing. 


For beginning students I prefer working out of the Piano Adventures series by Nancy and Randall Faber. The music is interesting and the books are very well organized and clear.


For adult/older beginners I prefer using the Alfred Basic Adult All-in-one Piano Course.


As as the student advances we can begin to choose more music from the standard piano repertoire. ( i.e. great music of big name composers like Beethoven or Chopin.) Or they can choose popular tunes of their liking.